Bannerfish banner ad server ============================= The latest version of Bannerfish should always be available from: Features ---------- - Supports images and Flash - Embeds ads using javascript, so it should work with any web platform - Weighting and multiple ads per page - Lets customers view banner stats (clicks and views) - Automatic deactivation of ads The goal of Bannerfish is to be a small, simple banner ad server sufficient for the needs of small websites. Requirements -------------- Twisted 1.0 Python 2.2 Bannerfish has been tested under Debian GNU/Linux, but should work fine under other Unix-like systems and on Windows as well. Author and Licensing ---------------------- Bannerfish was written by Itamar Shtull-Trauring ( Bannerfish is licensed under the GPL, but licensing under other terms can be arranged - send me an email. Usage ------- You can see command-line options by running: $ mktap bannerfish --help Create a directory where ads will be stored: $ mkdir adstorage Make a 'bannerfish.tap' file (don't forget to set options such as password for management interface): $ mktap bannerfish ./adstorage Now we can run the server (see 'twistd --help' for options): $ twistd -f bannerfish.tap For management go to http://server:6080/manage and login with username and password you chose. Your customers can view stats for their ads at http://server:6080/report, once you give them the id and password for their banner. Embedding Ads --------------- Add this to your HTML page: If you want to embed multiple ads in one page, e.g. three ads, then put the following HTML snippets in the page, one for each location: Bannerfish will do its best to ensure you don't get the same banner ad twice on the same page, while still taking banner weights into consideration.