Package com.twistedmatrix.spread.pb

Interface Summary
Callback An object that can be used as a callback.
CopyableUnserializer Unserialize copyables encoded as s-expressions into real objects.
Referenceable An object that can be referenced by remote peers.

Class Summary
Broker Network connection over which the PB protocol runs.
Connection Various methods for connecting to a remote PB servers.
CopyableSerializer A class that jellies instances' state.
Failure Result of a PB error.
FailureSerializer Serialize and unserialize Failure objects.
PBJellyPolicy Jelly policy for Perspective Broker.
RemoteObject A remote object with callable methods.
RemotePathReference A remote object which we refer to via path.
RemoteReference A reference to a remote object.
ResultCallback The result of a PB message to a referenceable.
SimpleReferenceable An object that can be referenced by remote peers.

Exception Summary
Broker.Error An exception in the protocol.
RemoteError An error on the remote server.